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Interview with Soull Ogun - Part 3.

This is Part 3 of an in-depth interview with Soull Ogun, Artist/Jeweler/Magi. Soull is a New York native who creates unique wearable pieces of art - that are all handmade.

Interview with Soull Ogun - Part 3.

by Herb Essntls

A year ago


Interview with Soull Ogun - Part 3.

This is Part 3 of an in-depth interview with Soull Ogun, Artist/Jeweler/Magi. Soull is a New York native who creates unique wearable pieces of art - that are all handmade.

by Herb Essntls

A year ago

Interview with Soull Ogun - Part 3.

This is Part 3 of an in-depth interview with Soull Ogun, Artist/Jeweler/Magi. Soull is a New York native who creates unique wearable pieces of art - that are all handmade.

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Soull is, together with her twin sister Dynasty, the Co-founders of Brooklyn based lifestyle brand L’Enchanteur. She has created bespoke jewelry for artists like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and recently, custom pieces for Beyoncé, featured in her newly released Black Is King.

Herb Essntls focuses on creating high functioning beauty and lifestyle products that are Cannabis Infused, while supporting and highlighting New York City based Creativity, Culture & Art.

Let’s talk about style. Just like for creativity New York is a hub for style - what do you think that comes from?

Soull: For one thing I think there’s a low threshold to enter into it. You don’t have to learn a specific craft like, let’s say “play the piano”, you can just get into it if you’re able to get dressed. A way to be able to express yourself without years of practice.

What made you interested in Fashion and Style?

Soull: The back story is that my mother's mother, my grandmother, was a seamstress. She made carnival outfits. And that affected my mother, who has great style, so that's how Dynasty and I are. We are into fashion in a sense because my mother always dressed us up. It's just what she did. She was just like”Oh this is cute. I got twins and I’m gonna dress them up”, you know what I mean? 

So it's like if she was a designer. She was styling and designing her kid’s style in a sense. And it’s not like she had a client that were gonna tell her "no". We were not going to tell her "no". 

By doing that, she actually gave us our own sense of style. My mother would always buy the wrong thing, I remember haha. 

I'm in the freshman year of high school. Cool, and she bought us like what was in, which was uptowns, and we had to get the white ones that had to be like crispy white. My mother went and got us like an off-white color. 

That's basically what she went and did, and I was like “you fucked up”, when I'm on the first day of school looking at it like white ones and we have like this off-white color and, I'm like, “why would you do that to us? 

Like why? We’re just trying to fit in with. It's not until now that I'm like, “Oh I see why.” And now I'm really thankful. She was never buying us what was in. I mean she would but, she would, but do it her own way.

It was the same thing with Constructs. Constructs were like what the construction workers would wear to work. So that's another thing, they would work in their clothes and then bring it into the hood. A lot of the dudes, the Caribbean fathers and their first generation are these black boys wearing constructs because their fathers was working as a construction worker and would bring it home and then that would be the thing. 

That was a thing. So, of course we wanted those too. And of course, my mother goes and buys us some other color like it's not the usual constructs, it’s this whole other thing that nobody's wearing. Everybody's walking down the hallway and a yours is like the one that stands out, because it's not the one that everybody has. 

She got us these brown cinnamon ones. When I grew up I was like, “I hate brown” and it's because of that. But I remember this because my mother bought us a pair of brown Tims and we were like again, like with the Uptowns, like "what are you doing?". Every day she would always have her own version of what that was. 

You work with your hands. What makes our hands special when it comes to creation?

Soull: Everything goes to the hands. I think the idea is when a baby is being born, you have to catch it. Everything you create you create with your hands. I think the hand is what connects to the innateness of the human instrument. It's like it's what the instrument of this body is for. 

And they’re our tools.  Knowing what your hands can do gives you power. So it's like the connection between life not just the brain but the mind and I think the mind and the hands are connected because the mind doesn't actually think. 

It's like when I'm making something just from my thought, through my hands. It’s like tapping into that unseen chord I feel we’re all connected to. I'm showing you this unseen thing because I don't really know what it looks like. That's the way that I can show you this uncertain thing if that makes sense. 

You’ve done work with some famous artists. What about that have stood out to you?

Soull: It started with one person - and then it grew. They have helped pushed our company along, like one of our first clients is Lauryn, Ms. Hill. And she has been here for this whole journey. She really respects the art. That's why I fuck with her. That's why I fuck with Erykah Badu. They respect what we are already making. Sometimes they’ll hit us up for some custom piece. But it's basically like “I love what you're making. I want that and that, from what you are already making.” 

They’re really tapped into our art as we're tapping into their art. So Lauryn Hill is basically like one of our first clients that was a famous client and she has been awesome the entire time. That was this beautiful thing for me because I've never wavered between who she actually is and what everybody would say they think she is. I also just looked at the similarities and there’s a lot of connection there -  her son's birthday, same day is our birthday. She's a Gemini, our Pops is a Gemini and stuff like that. 

And that has stayed the same, over time?

Soull: That has stayed the same.  And I think it could be you are what you eat, what you attract - it's like, you know, I have to think the best of people because I want them to think the best of me. 

There was a connection with all these different people. I feel like we have this sort of relationship with like Ms. Hill and then Badu is another type of relationship. But with each it’s like a very kindred soul. Very like, “Oh that's my homegirl. We've known each other forever.” 

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